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Digital Marketing

At Webtastic we provide comprehensive digital presence and digital marketing research solutions for our clients.

We believe whatever the size of the business there is room for marketing. To grow your business to exponential levels, you have hurdles and challenges ahead. These hurdles and challenges are not the same always, and hence the solutions are not the same again. Sometimes trivial things can be grave mistakes in business if over looked!! You need someone to spot them, and tackle them without fear and handle them differently. We are good at this, we see them differently, we see each business situation as an opportunity, and we fret not.

CCWCopywriting or Content Writing

Content in your website does not merely translate to better ranking in search engines. Better blogs, inspiring content, interesting articles or guides or whitepapers keep your visitors engaged and buy you a great reputation and respect. Sometimes this makes you their consultant by now. These people almost certainly are already your converted leads!!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is collectively the steps taken to help your website being found on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. It also refers to optimizing your website’s content in such a way that the website ranks better in searches for the keywords you choose to optimize.

Social MediaSocial Media

Other than being in-tandem with the trend, social media allows your business to directly interact with customers, fans, and business leads. With most Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, you will be able to send out pertinent updates (or conversations or promotions or contests) to followers of your business. This way you can increase a bonding between your brands and earn loyalty.


Infographics are best way to get viral in the internet and at the same time get your business’s data presented in a interesting way. These include graphs, icons, cartoons, caricatures and anything that is pictorial to depict trends and patterns. They are also called as data visualization or information design, which is the best way to allow the human brain to interpret complex data in a single screen.

Website Re-DesignWebsite Re-Design

A fresh new look is what people notice from time to time, if your website is stale and outdated, we could help you set it up matching the trend and at the same time optimize it to bring in more traffic via better ranking.

Pay Per ClickPPC

Pay-per-click (PPC). PPC Ads are small text advertisements that appear around search results. Google pioneered the PPC in their search engine and made it popular. PPC is more of an investment against returns campaign that can allow measuring ROI easily. Businesses can manage the amount they spend on the campaign, and as well choose the PPC that suits them.

Link BuildingLink Building

An integral part of any SEO strategy, link building is the creation of links to your website from other websites that are of high-quality and trustworthy.