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Web Design

Naturally people take the first step to look at your website. Even billion dollar corporates are judged by their web presence. Your website is your first impression, get it right.

Information gathering, research, design, develop, demo and launch – websites be mobile friendly (responsive), no flash, search engine friendly development, dynamic state of the art technology usage.

We know the potential of a website; its design should start with understanding the client’s requirement and meticulous information gathering.

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The most crucial phase of any website design and development, a careful study of the business, well informed tactical study of the competitors shall be done before we start.

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We help you visualize your final product as much possible. A picture is more than thousand words, hence we show you a mock-up of the design, and proceed with ease and creativity to pull off a lovely website for your business which is functional and creative at the same time.

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Websites need to be informative and interactive; we take serious measures to make websites interactive where necessary. Every aspect of the website needs to be presentable to the search engines, and we develop your website with this in mind always.

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Demo & Launch

Presenting the developed website to clients will happen in staging servers. Once the business reviews and approves after necessary changes, the website is ready to launch. Launching shall happen on domain bought by us or by the client. We put effort in choosing the right domain, friendly enough for the search engines and meaningful for the business.